Follow-Me sphere not working

Based on all tutorials available on the internet, the follow me should allow drawing a sphere, however, with the last version, I am getting my circle being deleted

How big is the circle you’re using as the profile? Probably too small.

I am also having this problem. I have just updated to SU 2020.1.
When I model a sphere using the “follow me” tool it leaves a hole in each end?


Most likely the circle you are using for the profile is too small. What radius are you using?

17mm & 21.5mm
Should still work?
A ball bearing can be very small.
A work around I found is to use a radius 4 times and scale afterwards…

Thanks for your input.

It depends on how many sides you use in your circles. With the default 24 sides it will work with those radii.

SketchUp won’t create faces when the edges are less than about a thousandth of an inch so you have to help it.

Yes. Working at a larger scale can be useful. Personally I would work at 1000x so I can enter millimeters as meters and not worry about doing the conversion.

FWIW, this is nothing new in SU2020.1.

Spheres are a particularly bad case because the longitudes all converge at the poles. If you have lots of edges in the profile or the path, that will produce very tiny edges.

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