Drawing a Sphere

Hello I am trying to draw a sphere, I have followed 4 or 5 tutorials online but as soon as I click on one of the circles using the follow me tool the circle vanishes. Has anyone seen this before as its driving me nuts :slight_smile:

Ho big are the circles you’re using? Exactly what steps are you following?

Hello Dave

I am trying to draw a 2mm diameter sphere, and I am using the method where you crate a circle on a surface and then create a smaller circle perpendicular to the first and intersecting down the centre. Then I select the first circle and click follow me on the second, its then that the circle disappears, its the same result whichever circle I click on.

I get the same result when trying the method where you put a circle and then use a perpendicular arc and then offset it.

It’s too small, make it 10 or 100 times bigger and it will work.
You can then scale it down to size.
Sketchup doesn’t create faces when the edges are less than 1mm, but they can exist.

Awesome thank you :slight_smile: Worked first time at 10x bigger :slight_smile: