Sphere drawing problem - Mac mini M2

I am brand new to sketch up and rely heavily on YouTube for learn SU for my beginning woodworking. I need to draw a sphere and then quarter it (only need one quarter.) Every example I have seen uses the Follow Me tool but when I try to use it the result is something that won’t draw a complete sphere. It usually draws only the sides so the item looks more like football coliseum without a top. The bottom of the sphere also does not render.

Your sphere is probably very small. SketchUp tends to leave out faces that have edges smaller than, say, about 1 mm.

Oh My GOSH! I was trying to make a 1/4 radius. when I went to one inch, it worked better. not perfect yet but much better. 2 1/2 works better still. Thanks for the help. This should suffice for my needs. I have spent hours trying to get this to work.

What has become known as The Dave Method can help you work around small face issues.

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