How to create a curved face


i have a shape where i cutout a curved area. Unfortunatelly i dont know how to create a face for that because its not a straight line form.

I hope you can help me.
Thank you very much in advance!

Draw the profile you want then use follow me on a circle to loft the shape, you may need to use intersect faces just to cut through the last edge.

Edit: Here’s a quickie


Thank you very much for your awesome advise. That works great.

Now i just have one problem left. The solution works great, as long as the height and with of the rounding are same. If not i get some seperation lines between the streight line face and the curve face which i cant delete without causing deleting the face i just created.

Big Screenshot because i only can add 1 media

Are you referring to the edges shown selected in my screenshot? Those can be softened after you’ve got the stopped flute modeled. Select the edges and then right click on them and choose Soften/Smooth. Alternatively, since you are using SketchUp 2020.2, you could weld the arcs with the vertical line between them before you run Follow Me. Select the arcs and the line, right click on one of them and choose Weld Edges.

I use an extension called Eneroth Auto Weld which runs in the background and automatically welds edges after Follow Me. Saves a lot of steps for me.

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Thank you very much.

“Soften/Smooth” deletes the lines you selected. That was what i wanted.

FWIW, it doesn’t actually delete those edges. They are just softened so you don’t see them. The edges cannot be deleted because they are required as boundaries for the faces they support.

With deleted i meant i can select the face now at once without seperation lines. So visually deleted :wink:

I just wanted to clarify that for any new users who might come along and misunderstand what’s going on.

You are correct that once the edges are softened you can select the entire surface with a single click or that surface and its bounding edges with a double click of the Select tool.

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Maybe you can help me again.
After using the “Follow Me”-Tool i got this

Because of the peak is not followed i cant create the surface there correctly.
Did i missed something?

Part of it is the correct setup and then the correct use of the tool. Perhaps you can share the file as it came out, so others can see how you have it setup. As for followme did you choose the objects and the tool in the order demonstrated. First select the circle (path) and then the followme tool, then select the cutout face (profile). Can’t really tell what you have up at the top, but it looks like some unwanted geometry at the bottom of the cut.

Of course, here it is.
I copied the Object without the follow me so you can check the surfaces/lines before.
Follow-me-fail.skp (154.4 KB)

This thread will explain why the end is missing and how to work around it.