Sketchup make a face

For some reason I can’t make a face out of a few curved lines?

So I f I have a small arc then copy it and join the two arcs with straight lines it should form a face, but it does not. Any ideas?

You need to ensure that all of the entities are planar in order to form a face. One way to do this is to first model a rectangle and then place your arcs and the connecting edges directly on top of the rectangle. Once this is done in the same plane, the faces should be formed and you erase the rectangle.

Hi Thanks
not certain how to do that???

Im trying to make the curved line a surface then turn them to glass.

How about showing us an example where this doesn’t work for you? If you mean you’ve set up this way:

Then no, it shouldn’t create faces because you’re missing all these edges.

As said, all edges need to be coplanar to get a face. In my example, it’s not one face but 12 that are required.

ok thanks.
Yes this is correct.
So how do you create all the faves to the curve?

You can use push / pull tools.

ok got it. Thanks again. appreciate it.

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