Connected the lines but the face does not show up!

As the photos, we can see there are two black lines on the top of my design. I know there have to be parallel with the opposite line then the face will come up. However, in this case, how can I make a face for the top?

Hello. Since your top line is an arc and the bottom line is straight, SketchUp won’t make a face by default. You have to use a plugin or construct the connecting lines yourself and then smooth them. If you decide to use a plugin, I’d suggest Soap Skin Bubble or Curviloft.

Plugins (mostly) automate what can be done with native tools - I would recommend learning how to use the tools that come out the box before clogging up the program with third party toolbars and buttons.

First, draw a line to connect the two corners between the points with a straight line If it doesn’t make a surface on top, draw a line between the top point and the middle bit where the red & green meet.

Then use the arc tool on the surface to form the curve and delete the first line you drew above.

Then you come onto the problem of how you want to fill in that side: is it to be a hollowed out profile to match the curve you just drew? Or is it to gently go to a straight line as shown? Should the top be flat (as I assumed above) or should there be a bevel to it?..

What’s the object for?

Create a box first and maybe group it. Then create a rectangle larger than the plan of the box. Move the rectangle so that it intersects the box at the height required. Use the Rotate tool to get the angle for the cutting plane represented by your rectangle. Use Intersect with Model to create lines at intersections and trim away what is not needed. Then use the Arc command to draw the scalloped edge. If necessary reconnect points to create any lost faces. Clearly, there can be no face between the straight line at the base and the curved line at the top so that will always be a void. Et voila!

one way…



and rotate the ends out after as well…


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