Want to create face but the lines are not paralel

Hy, I have this plot of land which have a front face like an arc not straight and the north limit is higher then the south limit. I have the sidewalk in front of the plot of land. And I have those forms that I can’t manage to create a face on them.

In the picture, I want faces where it is writen NO FACE those are the forms I can’t create a faceCasa Av Parque.skp (332.4 KB)

Thank you a lot for the help!

Since faces in SketchUp are flat, you need to make the bounding edges so they all lie on the same plane. In your model that will require drawing in some diagonals to create triangles.

The curve shown select is not on a plane with the rest of the edges so that one likely needs correcting.

To get a vertical surface, if you are after that, you would need to draw vertical lines between endpoints on the curves and diagonals to create the triangles.

What information are you working from to model this?

Hy DaveR, thanks for the help. I thought that could be addressed some other way. Despite I apreciate your help, this solution is not exactly what I was hoping for.

I am using my own measurements from my construction site. Will be my house.

There are more automated ways it could be managed in the desktop version of SketchUp but since you are using the free web version…

Good luck.

Here, you can see

All we can see is that your site is not a single flat face but that is has sloped surfaces in all directions so you can represent that only with many faces.

BTW - one of the neatest construction sites I have ever seen!

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Thank you for the compliment. We like to keep it clean and organized (once a week), helps reduce waste and acident.

Back to the model, I managed to make a face for both the top of the plot and the side walk, something was wrong with the conections, I just deleted them and redone and they now have face. But the vertical side is still a problem. I will try something else.

Thank for the help