How to create a face on a 2D set of lines?

I have traced over an imported jpg image creating a series of arcs that roughly follow a sink bowl edge. And I have managed to delete the jpg.

Next, I want to create a flange around this, using the offset tool, but there doesn’t seem to be a face to select?

Seems SU doesn’t want to give the connected set of arcs a face.
Help always assumes this happens automatically.
As a newbie I don’t have a clue.

It would r to give you the exact fix if we could see the SketchUp file. Here are a couple of common reasons faces don’t fill. The first is that the edges you’ve drawn don’t complete a loop. A loop with no gaps is required in order for a face to form.

The other common reason is that one of more point edge on the loop is not in the same plane with the rest. If you didn’t manage to keep all the arcs on plane, you won’t have a face.

You can identify where the problem part is by drawing with the line tool across the shape.

I suspect that they are not all connected. A bit of fussing around with select all seems to confirm that.
How can I join the various arcs together?
I’m not sure I understand the steps involved in your last sentence.

But I’ll keep trying things.
How would I xfer a copy of my file?

7th icon from left ( 3MB max) or share with dropbox/ simular

I’m still using beginner tool bars… my 7th icon is the Offset tool.
Please name things.

7th button in the row across the top of the message window on the forum is the Upload button.
Screenshot - 8_18_2017 , 4_52_07 AM

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Sink-cutout32.skp (86.8 KB)

Well context is everything. Okay here we are.

Good. Try this: Use the Line tool to draw a couple of lines across the shape. Do faces will in? If so, can you erase those new lines and does the face remain?

I’m not sure what you did in the process of creating those edges but they’re shown as hidden dashed lines.

Okay, I gotcha. I draw a line across (ending side to side) and it fills the face. (or not).
I work my way around the shape, and it either fills one side or the other. By trial and error, I find the area that will not fill.
What I have found is that two arcs go past each other and don’t connect on their end points.
I’ll continue to fuss. What tool will let be grab the ends of a line/arc? and (Visio term) snap them together?

The Move tool will do that. Or you might find it better to draw a line between to join them.

What tools did you use to draw this shape? It seems to that it ought to be symmetrical but it isn’t.

Okay, so I used the Move tool, selected one arc, and I seemed to be able to join the two… but the face did not fill.
Then I did the line trick to test, and both sides filled. Now I can just Select and Erase delete that interior line, and I’m good.

It won’t fill just because you bring the ends together.

Drawing across fixed it in this case.

Yes, it should be symmetrical But I’m not sweating the small stuff.
I traced an imported jpg of a DWG. My fine control was not good, but as long as I’m in 1/4 inch it’s good enough for rough planning. Or now that I’ve got the process down I can do it again more carefully.

Next I’d like to put a inch grid on this so I can transfer the layout to a full scale template.
Capturing those arcs in a measurable form is the goal here.


You can create a grid of lines but before you do, select the entire shape and make it a group or component. Then use the Line tool to draw a line parallel to the red axis. Use Move?Copy to copy it to make an array of lines with 1" spacing. It’s a good idea to prevent these lines from interacting with the next set drawn parallel to the green axis so make the first set a group or component.

See the Help articles on copying with the Move tool.

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