Unable to fill shape

Im fairly new to sketch up and im having trouble filling this shape in to make it a solid object.
How can i go about doing this?

Hi Joe,

SketchUp automatically creates a Face when Edges you draw meet certain requirements.
Primarily, the edges must be coplanar and form a closed loop.
By definition a triangle satisfies those requirements.
One simply uses the Line tool to “stitch” together a mesh of triangular faces, aka triangulation.


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Hi Joe, You can also use a plug in called soap skin and bubble.


Cool plug-in…FREE!! and easy to get working with it, very handy for gas tanks for customizing motorcycles and if your want to design car rims-wheels with unique spokes or center hubs.

Thanks for the responses guys! but unfortunately none of these are working for me?!
Im sorry im probably doing something wrong but ive enclosed my copy.
If you could take a quick look at it that would be great!
Thanks in advance!

Im sorry! this should work

Design.skp (22.5 KB)

Hi , Your link does not seem to work ?


Hi @Geo please excuse me jumping into this thread, but I think the OP is referring to the same mega-rookie problem I’m grappling with. To whit: picking up on your description: “SketchUp automatically creates a Face when Edges you draw meet certain requirements.
Primarily, the edges must be coplanar and form a closed loop.” So far so good, but what if I accidentally delete the Face? Is there a simple way to recreate the face?

Oui, Monsieur Hot Dog.

Simply retrace one of the bounding edges with the line tool and the face is recreated.

SketchUp Video Tutorials — Bookmark Worthy


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Hi Joe,

You made the initial geometry a Group.
Then you added an arc outside the Group.
And then you made the existing Group and the arc into another Group.
Thus you have created a Group that is “nested” inside another Group.

Making geometry a Group or Component (grouping) isolates the geometry from interaction with geometry “outside” the group.
• Right Context Click on the group > Explode
• Now explode the remaining group.

Now you need to see the endpoints to make stitching easier.
• Select All > Right Context Click on Selection > Explode Curve
• Window > Styles > In Model (little house icon) Edit > Edge Settings > select Endpoints (3 is fine)
• Click the style thumbnail image to update/save changes to the Style.
• Now begin stitching with the Line tool.

Here’s a copy of the model where I’ve begun as described.
Design Reworked.skp (16.9 KB)



Thank you very much! This has worked, just a quick question, how do i remove the stitching lines? Thanks again!

Use the Erase + Crtl to Smooth/Soften the edges one by one.
If you group the entire mesh and then go to Window > Soften Edges you can soften all in one go.
See the Eraser video for more tips.

That’s good to hear.
Late this afternoon I got the sinking feeling I had misinterpreted the final form you were after.
Here’s my “second guess” model lathed with the Follow Me Tool and then cut with the Intersect Tool

Design Reworked 2.skp (903.0 KB)


Just shuffling and noted the soap and bubble plug-in. Is this plug-in a free download. I tried to find a link -unsuccessfully. would you please post the link

Hi Joe it’s in the extensions warehouse in sketchup program know

I am a rookie as well, and I used SketchUp to layout a basic building footprint/layout (2D)…I used SketchUp because it’s so easy to offset walls and measurement reference points. However, I came across this thread because I am trying to FILL IN a simple flat circle that was created using SU’s circle tool. No matter what I do, it will not let me color the circle. I know it’s probably because a 2-D drawing does not have a “Face”. I could Push/Pull it .0125" to create said face, but I would rather not. Is it not possible to fill/shade in 2-D objects?

Yes. It is absolutely possible to fill a 2D shape but it has to be 2D and the edges have to forma complete loop. If you can’t create the face, you either haven’t got the edges all on one plane or you haven’t closed the loop. Upload the SKP file so we can see and we’ll be able to quickly give you the correct guidance.