How to 'fill polygonal face' within a space

I have recently gone back to Sketchup after a period of using Vectorworks. There is a tool in VW that I am really missing… is there a way of doing this in SU?..

‘fill polygon’ - allows you when in ‘top plan’ view, to just click into a space and, as long as the space is closed, it will create a new poly (face) within that area. The space could be bounded by lines, groups, any geometry. It allows you to ‘fill’ what can be quite a complicated shape. In SU I can’t find a quick way of doing this. I have tried to draw around the boundaries of the space to create a new face, but this can take ages - especially as SU snaps to things that are not co-planar - and may not be accurate if arcs are involved. I have also tried copying the whole thing to somewhere else on the workspace - on top of a big face - and then explode all the groups to create new shapes. This has also proved problematic. Any tips or extensions out there?

Place a plane, square, circle rectangle or whatever to cover the area, then select it and use Intersect with model. This will give you edges wherever it touches other geometry, you may need to fill in the gaps if it isn’t continuous.

thanks, but that didn’t seem to work. Should it work when all the objects are flat/2D objects?

Attach an example so we can give you a specific answer.

SU is a 3d program so working in 2d isn’t always straight forward, most would use a 2d program for that.
Intersect faces doesn’t work unless the faces intersect. In 2d they don’t.
One of several options is to draw a plane, explode any groups, select and copy the area you want, then use Undo to unexplode the groups.
Here is a very basic example. Note, copy and paste in place are not normally found in the context menu, they are in the edit menu or can be set as keyboard shortcuts.

Check out Eneroth Face Creator, it will create every possible face from a group of selected edges, very handy.

You may want to try (instead of a face as @Box suggested) a section plane. It has a right click context option to ‘Create a Group From Slice’. This group contains a loop of edges (the section cut) or can be closed into a loop of edges. Then trace one edge to create the desired face. All within the editing context of that group!

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But a section plane won’t work with 2d objects.

If the problem is that the loops are not coplanar, you could draw a large face underneath them and use the Drape command (in Sandbox tools) to project them onto the face.