I made wonderful irregular shape and I cannot fill it

Hi! I made a wonderful shape which I will upload. I cannot fill it! The shape had been composed of several triangles and curves. Maybe you can help me with that.

Please attach the file so we can see it.


painting rest new 2.skp (43.6 KB)

The model is too small for SketchUp to create faces.
Also each of both closed loops (inner and outeh perimeter) are not coplanar.

First off all group all geometry.
Select the group and also select the ‘Scale’ tool.
You’ll now see that the selection has a middle grip somewhere in the middle of its Red/Blue plane, indicating that there is something wrong: the shape isn’t flat.(*)

(*) Drag the middle side grip out to better see where the loops need to be corrected!

Scale up the group by 100x using a corner grip.
Drag the middle side grip.
Correct both perimeters to get them flat in the same plane.
Trace one edge to let SketchUp create the desire face.
Scale down the group by 0.01x

Although the model is quite small, it will just about make faces without scaling it.
When drawing smaller things it is often advisable to draw larger and scale down.
Sketchup can’t cope with making edges less that 1/1000" long, it assumes the end points are coincident and so it doesn’t make it, so faces with tiny edges cannot get make; although they can exist later when scaled smaller !

I drew a large rectangular face vertically behind it and the selected all of its edges.
I then used my ExtrudeEdgesByVectorToObjects tool [part of the Extrude Toolset [ http://sketchucation.com/pluginstore?pln=ExtrudeTools ], picking a point on the edges, constraining the rubber-banded vector for the extrusion in the green-axis and, then picked the second well beyond the rectangle.
The edges extrude up to the rectangle and stop.
I then exploded the new group and erased the unwanted geometry leaving the edges ‘projected’ onto the rectangle.
At this point those edges had no faces.
Selected the edges and rectangle and used ‘intersected with selection’.
The outer-loop intersected.
Repeated that to get the inner-loop to intersect.
Erased the inner face and edges of the rectangle to leave the faced form you desire.

Initially drawing it on a face plane in the first place would have been a wise decision, that way all its edges would already be coplanar… :smile:

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