Why it's not filled this shape?


Hi everybody.

I’d like to know why this shape is not filled.
I guess it’s because some lines aren’t connected and the shaped is not closed.
But how can I find the point to fix it?

This is the file:

f15_testing.skp (284.4 KB)

Thanks in advance.


There are a few issues…
Your Model Info > Units was set to snap to 1/16" so I think a few edges didn’t meet exactly.
Also some edges overlapped leaving bits of loose edges about - these need erasing as they block auto-facing etc…
Using a Style which shows Profiles differently from coplanar edges is also useful as you can see better where edges don’t cut a face.
This occurs where the small holes near the right wheel do not cut but overlay the main face you can make by drawing ‘diagonals’ as you have shown.
The trick there is the select all of those non-cutting edges and group them then immediately explode that group.
The edges then cut the face onto which they are reinserted.
Select and delete the unwanted faces in the holes…
After I hid the reference image, tidy the unwanted bits of edges, I drew in diagonals like you and did the group+explode trick to cut in the holes, then selected and deleted the holes’ faces.
Finally I erased the coplanar diagonals and the single face [with holes] survived so there are no other gaps…


Thank you, I end up getting it but it wasn’t easy to find them, I had to make trial and error.
Still working on the rest of the model, it belongs to a tutorial from youtube.


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