How do I fill a polygon?


So I know SketchUp normally fills in the space with a solid if you for example create a polygon with all of its sides connected, but no matter what I do a certain part of my design won’t seem to fill. I have gone over and reconnected the lines and still nothing. Weirdly, the middle of the shape fills (it’s a rectangle, and if I make a smaller rectangle in the middle third, it will fill).

Advice would be great.

Attach your model or we can only guess. My guess is incorrect tag usage.

My guesses would be either non-coplanar edges, small gaps, or a small spurious edge.

The link you have sent is for a view only version of the model. We would need to have the actual .skp model to examine it, and we need to know which face won’t close for you, is it the roof panel?

Go to the hamburger menu (upper left three lines) and choose download> skp. Then drag that file off your computer and drop it into an open response window here.

Sorry about that, yes it is the roof. Here’s the SKP
Test.skp (95.0 KB)

The edges of the roof are not coplaner, it’s not possible to draw a single plane that connects all these points. Use two planes, or edit the surrounding edges to be coplaner.


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