Help a beginner with a basic model

Hey guys,

I’ve messed around with sketch up before so I know most basic functions, and I needed to build this project for my class. Essentially, I can’t get the road (the area between the two spirals) to fill in like the two ends. Anyone know how I could fill that in? A second question: when I am rotating around my trees look pretty good and green but when I stop they are black like in the photos. How could I fix that?
This is what it looks like now. Thanks so much!

If you want to pinpoint the problem then post up the model.

Otherwise, I think your issue is probably related to not having geometry which sits upon the same plane.

You can fix this by building your rectangles upon the same plane, and SU will automatically fill in the faces.

OR, you can triangulate between points to fix any issues regarding non-coplanar edge alignment.

IF, you do indeed have coplanar edges (which don’t have faces)… then you either have a gap somewhere (which you’ll need to close) or, you’ve gone through some process which resulted in deleting the faces… re-drawing a line over an existing one will typically re-fill faces which have been deleted.

You can try to hide the endpoints of your edges in the style settings and see if the tree faces are getting visible again.

The most basic way to fill in those missing faces is to stitch them with the line tool by doing triangles with it.

Got it thanks so much guys!

I would guess that you have Profiles on and set to display as quite thick. The trees have a zillion small leaf or branch components and when all their contours are drawn as thick black lines this is the result.