I have a problem filling a space. Would love too get some help




I’m kind of new too Google sketchup and I have now ran into a problem that I’ve been sitting with for almost 1h. It looks to be impossible filling in a specific area on my model (It’s the grid in the middle). It’s hard too explain exactly by word what the problem is, so if anyone would be able too help me, I would gladly share the model for someone too take a look at it. If possible, fix it and send back a working model (messurements need to be exact for it too fit in its space)

Picture: https://gyazo.com/b232d67820636d385964d372e75ac0b8 (hard too take a better picture)

//MartinTvålhylla 2.skp (284.8 KB)


There’s a number of explanations, sharing the model would be best. I take it you want to give the areas between the squares a face?


Yes, the square spaces are ment too be holes. I sadly don’t know how to share the model, would love too do it.


I think I shared the file now.


Having a poke around and attempting to fix the faces, I start to notice some triangulation appearing with the base faces. This happens when the edges that the faces lie on are not on the same plane.

By going to WINDOW>MODEL INFO>UNITS and setting the units to 6 decimal places you can confirm this. The shot below shows on of the squares in question with different values for the z height (last figure).

While this is only minute, it will cause faces to fail to form and cause irregularities throughout the model. I suspect this problem is repeated in several places. The below shows what happens when I try to draw a rectangle over the entire top suface of the holes. Only the end boxes have faces formed successfully.

I don’t know how you drew this but if all those empty squares are copies of each other, it would be much simpler to redraw them rather to go around inspecting and fixing them individually.


Well that is very weird. I guess I will have to redraw it. I really have no clue how they could be different hights but oh well. Thank you so much for the help. It helped a lot!!


Also the bottom “corners” are on the same blue plane, but another part of the problem is that one of the vertices on the end parts is not on the same plane as the others. Its the same problem on the right and left side of your model. This GIF shows the problem and how to use the Move tool and locking to the blue axis to correct the height of the vertex to make it the same height as the others.


There are also some internal faces that required deleting to make the model report as a solid, they are the top of the empty walls below the curved rim.

I deleted all the existing square shapes and fixed the height of the outside edges as per my last post. Using guidelines and Move/Copy I replicated the mesh geometry and Push/Pulled it up to height. I then went around and deleted any edges and internal faces that I could see would get in the way of it reporting solid in Entity Info. I made the part into a Component and Solid Inspector got rid of a few remaining errors. (Face orientation matters too, white faces out, blue faces in.)

Saved as 17 version, I hope it’s close to what you were trying to do.
Tvålhylla 2 IanT.skp (316.1 KB)