Any trick to fill empty walls?

Hi everybody.

I’m following this tutorial:

But I probably messed it up and now some faces disappeared and it’s a pain in the neck trying to reconect the points to cover the holes.

I’ve been doing triangles to fix it, lot of them, the better I could, but there are still some holes in the object.

Any trick to fix it?

The file is this, but it’s all messed it up, I probably should start from a previous stage in which I had all views outlined.

f15_almost_final.skp (314.0 KB)

Thanks in advance.

This is the file before I messed it up.

new_try.skp (376.9 KB)

Now I need to remove this parts:

And these ones:

I will try using some squares, pulling them and then intersecting faces.

You know if am I on the right way or if there is an easy way to fix it when there are holes in the object as in the first one file?

Thank you so much.

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