Holes in surfaces

After a bit of editing I am left with two problems I seem to be unable to fix. In the pink area of the picture there are holes that I can not fill. There are no lines surrounding them and simply drawing a rectangle over them does not work.
Similarily, in the lower half of the gray part, the bottom half is simply invisibla. I can not cover this area.
Is this a known problem?

Very likely it is a known problem. Typically the problem is that the user has created edges which are not coplanar. If you draw a diagonal between corners, do you get faces? Your image doesn’t give much useful information for diagnosing the problem. Could you share the SKP file? With that to look at, I expect you’d get the answer you need almost immediately.

DaveR, as is typical I now managed to remove the problem. What I did was to highlight til gray part by double-clicking. Then I deselected the grey area, top and left and right lines. Then I Moved the bottom line down until it matched the adjacent walls. On the other half I noticed there were some ghost lines that apparently were in some way inherited from the “Pallur” layer. These I managed to isolate and delete. However when I pressede Delete the lines did not disappear. Instead, they remained blue until I attempted to select them again. Then they disappeared.
There is still a problem of the same nature. Next to the lower left of the door opening there is still a remnant of this behaviour. This I have not fixed yet.
It is possibly of interest that I have had similar problems many times with this model.
I include the skp file should you recognize the problem and be able to steer me in the right direction.

Your included skp is not included.

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Strange. I dragged the skp onto my reply, just like I did with the jpg in my original message. Is there a size limit? My skp is 31mb

Yep, it’s 28 mb too big.
3D warehouse will accept up to 50mb and you can post the link here.
However, I suggest you go to Window/Model info/Statistics and hit the Purge button, then save and try to attach again.

I suppose the Public folder in Dropbox will do the same https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2802435/G38%20breytingar%202015%20mjórra%20eldhús%20í%20horni.skp
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