Filling Holes On Someone Else's Model

Trying to help a friend get a few parts 3D printed. They were from a mod for a PC game he helped make so I feel good about him using the models.

I noticed lots of gaps in the original parts, so I started drawing lines in the gaps to connect triangles to fill in the holes. When I try to fill in the gaps to make the parts solid, I noticed some of the walls were white and blue, instead of matching grey!? I didn’t pay that much attention until these walls showed up as issues when using the solid inspector. Had a few issues with lines being drawn and not showing up, too!?

Not sure what to do, I’ve only made a 1/2 dozen models in Sketchup and when I run into issues like this I just redraw. Was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction.

Currently using SketchUp Make 13 but downloaded SketchUp 2014 yesterday to see if it would help, so I am in the window where I have Pro features if needed.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Please ignore the duplicate part
Import from 3ds file with the totality of my attempts to fix parts.
002 Messing up Mirror.skp (310.7 KB) In

Original 3ds file as imported into Sketchup
000 Import.skp (129.0 KB)

Hi Jordon, I took a quick look,
White walls: When you fill in the gaps, you’re making new faces where there were none, those faces don’t automatically get coloured, you will have to colour them in after, but that shouldn’t matter for 3d printing.
Blue walls: Those are also new faces, but just the backside of them, you can right-click and reverse face.

Other issues that will come up with printing them, the ‘stands’ of the model are partially inside the top objects, since that part isn’t actually visible from outside, you don’t need those edges/faces there and they can be deleted.
*You’ll have to intersect that ‘stand’ portion from the upper as there’s no edges where they meet. You can see this issue in the screen cap I’ve attached.

To pass the solid inspector, imagine this is a ballon, you should only have the outer shell and nothing extra (such as faces/edges inside), and once you finish up fixing the little corners, I think you’ll be fine.

Hi Jordan,

The model in the original 3ds file as imported into SketchUp (000 Import.skp) is what one might call microscopic.
I find many edges <0.05mm

SketchUp has issues creating new geometry <1mm.
Consequently faces may fail to form if you import geometry at too small scale.

Try the 3ds import again and while in the Import dialog look under the Options button.
There in the 3DS Import Options dialog set the scale to the largest units. (yards)
That may eliminate the missing faces issue entirely.


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Ha, I never measured to even check that scale. For something that small, I’m surprised Sketchup showed most of those details, and I’d consider that a pretty good import :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree. The model is so tiny you’d need a good magnifying glass to see the holes at real-world size.


One workflow with
(- Center on origin (Chris Fullmer))

  • line tool
  • Solid Inspector (Thomthom)
  • Section plane
  • Add Faces (TIG)

Although the part gets solid, it is too small for printing (!)

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for responding to my question. It really helped and I got everything fixed to print. Once printed, my friend was thrilled with the results. Thanks again. The video showed me that I have a lot to learn, it would take me a lot longer to do something similar.