Filling up the inside of something

Hello guys, I’m trying to fill up the inside of something hollow, any idea on how to do it?

Heres a vid on what I’m trying to do.Uploading…

I don’t see a video.

Perhaps you could give a more thorough description? Upload the SKP file showing what you already have.

Like Dave, I’m just guessing until you provide more info, but are you aware that SketchUp is a so-called “surface modeler”? That is, everything in SketchUp consists of infinitely thin skins. There are no space-filling entities. What SketchUp calls a “solid” is a surface that completely encloses an air-tight volume and has no extraneous pieces, but it does not really fill that volume.

So I can’t fill it up for 3D printing? Because basically I’m trying to fill up a gap, and I don’t know how.

You don’t need to fill it up for 3D printing. The printer software will take care of that for you. But you do need a completely closed surface such as SketchUp calls “solid”.

Upload the SKP file so we can see exactly what you are talking about. It’s pointless to make us continue to guess at what you are talking about.

ok one secNewcar.skp (153.1 KB)

and one more thing, whenever I put it on makeprintable(3d printing software that cleans up the file), it doesn’t seem to work, it says “can’t process this file”. Do you know why?

Newcar.skp (82.9 KB)

There are a number of problems with your model. First, I don’t know how you could work with the axes screwed up the way they are and the model positioned at a random angle.

The geometry isn’t grouped so it wouldn’t be identified as a solid. The rear axle hole doesn’t go through and there are some faces that needed help.

I’ve reset the axes, rotated the model, cleaned it up and made it a component which shows as solid. I used ThomThom’s Solid Inspector2 to do the cleanup after I made it a component.

I would suggest that you start with a much simpler model to get the hang of properly modeling for 3D printing. Once you’ve learned how to use the tools, then start adding complexity to the model.

As to why makeprintable can’t process the file, very likely it is because you hadn’t grouped the geometry.

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Hey, so I took the new file you put and put it through make printable, still won’t work.

Why? What error message do you get?

It said error cannot process this file.

It’s pretty difficult to fix if you don’t have any useful information about why the file can’t be processed. Maybe it’s the edges on the front that don’t actually form 3d shapes. I assume those are supposed to represent headlights and grille. Get rid of those and see what happens. If it’s not that, I have no idea why it can’t be processed. You’ll have to contact the vendor of makeprintable

Ok thanks for your help.

Maybe it’s too big, too.

iMaterialise says it’s just fine when scaled down to fit in their printer.

netfabb also shows it is printable. However, if you do not make it hollow, by that I mean thin wall of abt 2mm then the whole model is treated as solid and the print cost wiil sky rocket on you. Depending on print technology you plan, you should plan on printing with unit on its side then FDM can be used.
Even though SU states as solid that is necessary but not sufficient for printing. From you question I assume you are talking “in fill” which the slicer may add, printing up right supports may be required which it may add also. Laying on side probably not required.
Just some thoughts