Help needed regarding 3d printing



I’m new to sketchup, I am having some problem in 3d printing, can anyone please check my model Thanks


We could if you attached it.


Reply to this topic and upload the *.skp model file, like so.


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Your model isn’t solid, it is practically invisible.



basepillarsandtop1.skp (348.1 KB)


Please check this out my printer doesn’t create empty space on the face of this circle

basepillarsandtop1.skp (348.1 KB)


Model attached please check it out, i want to have exactly same thing when i print it, but it doesn’t happen infact the printer doesn’t leave any spaces for those 2 boxes on the flat surface


i suggest you begin by reading up in the SU help and searching this forum for guidance about what constitutes a “solid” in SketchUp. Your model is not a solid it is just a collection of loose geometry. A “solid” in SketchUp is a component or group that is a single-surface, airtight assembly that surrounds a volume (the help and this forum have more extensive discussions). Most 3D printers won’t process a SketchUp model correctly unless it is a single solid. Some will accept a model with more than one solid, but not always, and usually not if the solids touch. The UAS letters are are the only thing that is currently a group or component.

Then there are issues with the structure of your model that will create problems. The cylinders penetrate through the boxes, and the boxes in turn penetrate into the bottom of the bowl. These create interior faces and edges that are not permitted in a SketchUp solid and will confuse the 3D printer as well. There is a hole that creates an opening between the interior and exterior, as shown in this screenshot (see the back face color peeking through?).

Bottom line: you have a lot of cleanup to do before this model is likely to 3D print properly.


i created a semisphere with thickness and checked it was solid, then i used a rectangle with some thickness and intersect its round part so it got flat as you can see, then i made pillars, and their support, all of them was create as a group and then i exploded the whole model i didn’t get it why my model is not solid. and i need to have two top holes, can you please send me the skp file with some edits so that i could get a better insight. thanks alot


or how i can build the cylinders or pillars inside the bowl, i myself forced them to penetrate in the box and then into the bottom of bowl so the base is strong otherwise they just lay down on the surface of bowl and are not strong enough, and i need to have a hole between the interior and exterior. please help !


can you please check this out I redraw the bowl with flat base and the edges check if its alright then i will create pillars and send you the model for verifying again thanks for your time and support

bowlwithflatbase.skp (149.1 KB)


i am redrawing the model please verify if its okay upto this point so that i can proceed further, thank you

bowlwithflatbase.skp (149.1 KB)


bowlwithflatbase.skp (147.8 KB)

updated one used solid inspector 2 to make it a solid ! please somebody tell me is it good for printing


I processed your file through Netfabb (this software verifies and repairs if necessary your .STL file.) The STL file is what is used in a slicer to prepare for printing. There were no problems indicated with your file (Unusual, lol). Check out Netfabb.


FYI for your info, Netfabb is an Autodesk program and has 2 version pro and free. The free version is limited but can report if the item is solid. The PERO version has much more capability and will only cost you $1000/ year, they also have monthly rates also , I think is $250.00.

backy4u; The Su enitiy info reports you model as solid and also a volume which implies solid but like all software it is not 100%. A commercial printer using their code will also check it but chance is small will have a problem. If you want more confidence commerical printers like shapeways, etc have provide a free check service and via I materialize (sci) Trimble( submit to 3dWarehouse?) does now also. I do not have links for those at hand but you should be able to find via net search.
BTW the bowl should probably be printed with base down depending on what material you select.
Do you want it printed so small??


your model is fixed now and ready to print. :slight_smile: (375.6 KB)


Thank you :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: