3d print problem

Hello, everyone… I’m new here… this is my first post… i hope its right to post about this topic here… i need help with my design and print process… these are all the pics and files… as you can see from those attached files… my completed design and what the printed design looks like… any help would be greatly appreciated… thanks… btw, I’m using macbook pro OS 10.10.5, with nvidia GT 750m with makerbot replicator 2 3d printer…

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ups… my bad… haha… yeah, so…why it printed like that? is there something wrong with my design? or my printer is the problem? thanks…

The model isn’t a solid, so it shouldn’t print correctly but we can only guess why it has filled in the front face.
Here is how to make it a solid.
and here is the repaired file, I would prefer you fixed it rather than download the one I have fixed.
moulding cap 3.0Box.skp (150.3 KB)


Click the Scene tabs in this copy of your model.

moulding cap 3.0_Rework.skp (323.4 KB)

Therein, I’ve erased the bottom face to expose the interior of your version and the reworked version.
Try your hand at making your version look like the one I’ve reworked.

Start by selecting all the geometry > right context click > Intersect Faces > With Selection
Then, erase all the extraneous interior edges and faces.

As has been said, the model needs to be a ‘Solid’

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