The Model is not Manifold (Solid Model)


I have a model ready for 3d print, when I transfer it to printer software it says the “Model is not Manifold” also in Sketchup it shows 8 surface borders (Solid inspectors). It’s essential to keep the shape.

I’m not professional and this is my second day of working with this software.

Please see attached and advise.


Untitled.skp (393.6 KB)

Sketchup faces have no thickness, so your shape isn’t printable as it is.
It’s a bit hard to know what you are expecting from it, are you wanting it to print the walls as they are? or is it some sort of bracket that should be a tube with holes in it?

Here is one option.
Untitled Box.skp (42.7 KB)

There are lots of missing faces here, no floor, no face on the top side. Shapes need to be closed in or watertight with walls all around to be solid. You can fix missing faces by drawing a line over one missing edge.

I couldn’t quite figure out from the geometry you have how it was supposed to work, looks like Box has had a go, I bet it’s pretty good.

Thanks for your reply. Please see attached, I edited your file. I need the hollow area for wiring.Untitled Box2.skp (63.4 KB)

I don’t understand what you need and I don’t have time to work with it just now.
I think some time getting the basics down would help before tackling something that you want to print.

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Thanks for your help. I tried to watertight the model as you explained except area with 3 holes (Pokes out). I don’t know what can I do for that area… I need to keep that area accessible for wiring purpose.Edited Untitled Box2.skp (75.0 KB)

I’ve done a quick version, deliberately the wrong size, for you to look at to get an understanding of how it should look.

  • the thickness in the ‘Hole’ (not just a single face but two faces with space between)
  • the lack of blue faces (blue faces are the back or inside and should not be visible on a solid)
  • the way the small holes are on the flat faces between the hidden geometry (turn on hidden geometry in the view menu and see how the curve is made up of flat segments)
    Edited Untitled Box3.skp (92.4 KB)

PS: There is also a built in error, I used 25 segments for the circle so it isn’t properly symmetrical. You should use the default 24 (or another even number) and pull it out on axis, then rotate it by half a segment to get the flat face aligned for the small holes.

I do appreciate for your help. design is fine. I have to start from scratch to see how can I draw like yours.

Have a look at this option. Of course in practice you would do this all in place centered on the origin. At the point the thing is 3D it is solid and never becomes un-solid. The blind holes are “drilled” using Subtract from the Solid Tools.

Untitled.skp (201.0 KB)

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Thanks. Let me try if I have any question I will ask. It was useful.