Model looks solid, running through slicer causes problems

I’ve made a small part and whenever this runs through slicer it turns into a simple cylinder. What do I need to do in order to fix so it prints properly?
Mount.skp (122.6 KB)

It’s not a group or component-instance - so you can’t tell if it’s a manifold solid.
Make it into a group and in Entity Info it’s not a solid.
Run TT’s Solid-Inspector extension on it and it fixes loads of problems with internal faces and reversed faces.
Once they are fixed it’s solid, so it should 3d-print OK ?
I’ve attached the fixed SKP[v2017] - BUT I recommend you do the steps I outlined so that you understand what was wrong, how to fix it and how to avoid it in the future…
Mount.skp (103.8 KB)


Thank you. I went through your steps and it looks like it’s fixed now.

I know I’ve showed you this before but if you change your approach to modeling things like this, you can eliminate the cleanup your model needed.

Think about it in much the same way the printer will print it. Here I drew the foot print of the thing without outlining the inner wall. Then I added the circle for the inner wall after pulling up the bottom. Finally pull the wall up to height and make it a component. In this way there are never any stray edges, reversed faces, or internal faces.

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