3D Printing Help needed

OK, so I created a thing, I checked the thing. The thing shows as solid, the solid inspector has been run and cleared, and the cleanup tool has been run.

I have started to print the thing 3 times, the area where the holes are are inverted. The holes are solid, and the area around them is hollow down to the bed. There is a 1/4 thick wall around the square area and the circle, with no internal or base plate.

Everything checks fine when slicing, except the inside top plate, the face gets an error, if i reverse it, it shows correctly, but no change when printing.

I attached the skp file, as well as an image of what 2 of the prints look like

Any input on what is causing this?

Printed items|281x500
diffuser.skp (58.4 KB)

Your file is indeed a solid in SketchUp, and it loads and slices fine as a .STL for me. Are you printing this with supports? I think you might have some trouble bridging on the first layers of the inside top plate or sealed end.

This looks like potentially a printer issue, your pictures look like your printer is stringing badly, your first layer adhesion and your raft is thin and broken up and not uniform, and there are some odd voids in your fill. Either your nozzle is clogged or the extruder is slipping to account for not having laid down fill inside all the walls or your slicer is set to something very odd. Have you printed much else on this printer successfully? Have you used this slicer and slicer settings before? What printer / slicer are you using?

We can start to trouble shoot your printer, but the file looks OK to me.


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I agree, looks more like printer settings than a problem with the model.

Its an Ender 3.
I have been using 2 of them for the past few years. I just printed a number of bigger items, so the filament may be bad now, and I think the bed needs to be re-leveled.
Also, I am using Cura for slicing.

The outside of the box is printing what looks like a 2 sided wall box, then the inside circle is a 2 sided wall, and in-between, there is no base level or infill between the 2 walls.
Also, the 4 holes on the base are printing as a full cylinder inside the void between the walls, instead of holes in a solid block.

In place of the infill, what looks like a support structure is being printed.

That image is not what i am seeing when this tries to print.

While i have used the ender3 and SketchUp for years, this is the first time I have tried to print from a SketchUp file.

So, I’m confused

I think I figured it out.

In Cura, the mold setting had been turned on, causing a hollow shell. Not sure how this was set, as its never been used, but my preview looks correct now.

Ill test it and see what happens.


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That’ll do it. Glad you got that sorted out, post a photo when you get it printed. :+1: