Struggles 3D printing


I’m having a little trouble successfully 3D printing my SketchUp model. The model is built like this, with thickness on all sides (as recommended by posters here before).

However, when I attempt to print the model, my printer software (Cubicreator4) renders the model entirely solid.

Is there anything that I can do on the SketchUp side in order to make sure I’m able to print the model correctly? Thank you for your help!

1 THICKENED 10X SIZE gear main assembly (1 of 3).skp (238.5 KB)

You have several issues.
The bottom has no thickness
The holes have no faces
and you have several reversed faces.

It is better to attach your .skp rather than the .stl

Here’s a simple breakdown of how you would go about making your shape.
Note how I extrude the bottom first to get thickness.
This will look slightly different to the web version but all the tools are there.

thank you so much for your help! the video was really helpful