Mesh problems for 3dprinting

i’m a begginer in 3d modeling, and my first desingn looks ok in sketchup, but when i export it to stl exension and try to print it, the mesh has some problems, but i don’t know what i’m doing wrong.
You can see picture of the model in cura, sketchup web and meshmixer

GB120FrameStands (1).stl (62.7 KB)

Giving us the model to look at is more useful than just images.

As @Box wrote, its only a guess without a model to inspect, but from the red areas accented by cura I suspect there are interior faces where the parts meet.

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I’ve uploaded the stl file

it looks like that is the problem, i didn’t know that i could’t keep interior faces…
Thanks a lot!!!

Please upload the .skp file instead.

Those interior faces make it look to the slicer like you have 8 pieces with an infinitely thin membrane separating the pairs. That’s neither a SketchUp solid nor something that can be 3D printed.

Is you plan to slice this with Cura and then print it with a FDM printer?
I opened your .stl file in Cura and sliced it without any problem.

And I see nothing that would prevent this from printing … so not sure what you mean by having “mesh” problems. Indeed … on the settings I used … Cura saw NO interior faces.
But, to be sure, this geometry will be impossible to print without using supports.
Here is a screenshot of the same .stl file, sliced with supports enabled.

Also, not sure what you mean by “export” to “stl extension.”

For me the typical workflow consists of:

  1. Design in SketchUp … save design as .skp file.

  2. While in SketchUp … use the “File/Export/3D Model” facility to save a .stl file of the design.

  3. Open the .stl model in Cura … select the printer, the material … and then select/set the other various settings as appropriate/required.

Cura 4.4.1 has the 13 groups of settings … each with a dozen (or more) settings … so getting everything set up properly is no mean feat.