Conversion to .stl for 3D printing issue

I am pretty new to Sketchup and just using the online version because my model is not complex. This is my model.

I export to .stl. Then I check my model and repair if needed using this website.

When I plug it in it says it needs repair, which has happened to me before . I repair it but then my files looks like this. (I guess I will post the picture as a comment since it won’t let me add 2 pictures here because I am new)

The top section taken out for some reason. Does anyone know why this is happening or a way around it?



Here is what it looks like after repair.

Can you add the file for us to look at.

Stand.skp (223.2 KB) Here you go. Thanks for the help!!

Problem is you have internal faces, remove them and it should be fine.

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Box will give a better answer but you have a bunch of internal faces.

Better, No, potentially different, Yes.

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Wow! Something so simple. Thanks for the help guys! I would have been searching for a solution for hours probably.

The work flow you use for developing a model for 3D printing is important to avoid internal faces, stray edges, or holes in surfaces. One of several options to get to the model you did is to draw a cross section and a square path and use Follow Me.