Problems with printing/slicing

Pretty new to 3d modeling so It might be something really simple I am screwing up here but im not sure.
Trying to make a bit for my wargaming to let me mount a weapon on the arm, the design is pretty close to the measurements I want, may need to make some alterations. But when I output the file and put it through a slicer it has a big problem. When I tried to print it, it was like chunks of the model were just missing. When I loaded it into a better slicer that let me preview it before printing parts of the model were missing, and random other chunks were shifted out of alignment. Any ideas what I should do to try and get this printable?

scra prototype.skp (1.3 MB)

One big problem is that the faces are all reversed. You should have white front faces on the outside and the blue on the inside. Once you have the face orientation correct, there are a bunch of internal faces and edges along with some holes and stray edges that prevent the model from being a solid.

There’s a fair amount of geometry that is drawn very slightly off axis. On thing that would help for modeling stuff like this is to you meters as the base unit and treat them as millimeters. Then after you export the STL, import it into the slicer software and tell it the units are mm instead of meters.

I did that in this quick revision. Note, there are no internal faces or edges.

Try this STL file and see how it looks. Also compare my version of your model to yours in the SKP file.
scra prototype.stl (98.6 KB)
scra prototype revised.skp (342.4 KB)

That looks pretty dang good. My slicer didn’t throw any errors from that.
Thanks for the help and advice, I’m pretty new to design like this.
I was drawing and extruding a lot to make the model so I suppose I’m not exactly shocked there was a lot of threads left hanging.

Good deal.

The trick is to figure out where you can simple extrude shapes and don’t add excess edges. Look as you go to deal with internal faces as you go. Also stay on top of the face orientation and fix them as soon as they occur in the 3D shape.

The way I constructed the model, I never had any internal faces to get rid of nor any reversed faces to fix. They were all correct as I went. I did start with the main body of the object. I drew a large over and extruded it, then I started adding the details.

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