Newbie to 3D design and trying to print

I’ve been working on a design in sketch up for something I need to print and I got it all created and exported just fine but when I pulled it into Cura and went to the preview view, I got this model that was seemingly randomly missing parts of it, any ideas on what I did wrong

might be an issue with recto / verso faces.

Could you share a problematic file here with us please ? (either direct or through dropbox / wetransfer / else) So we can have a look ?

thanks :slight_smile:

@ateliernab is probably correct. A common issue for new users is reversed faces in their models. The face orientation is critical because it tells the slicer which side of the surface is the print media and which side is air.

Other common problems are missing faces and internal faces. Both of these can result in parts of the model being unprintable.

As he wrote, sharing your .skp file with us will allow us to diagnose the problem exactly otherwise it’s ll just guessing what you missed.

Another potential issue, especially if you have used FollowMe to create some of your surfaces, or used too many segments in arcs or circles, is what’s called the ‘small faces’ issue. Sketchup can’t create very small edges or faces, though it can preserve them in a scaled down component, group or whole model.

If that is the case, draw the model using metres as units (1m representing either 1 mm or 1 inch), export the result to STL format (which has no units defined in it), then import into your slicer as either mm or inches.

If you spend some time at The Learning Center, you will learn how to use the tools to get what you want. (interactive tutorials) Also, go to The SketchUp YouTube Channel and pay attention to the Square One series. Both are sponsored by the SketchUp Crew and well worth the time spent there.