Error in 3D print, Cura

Hi, I’m having trouble with 3D printing for a school project, I keep getting an error in Cura, it says parts are missing and asks to fix my model. I would be super happy if someone could help me. Thank you!

Lid (3).skp (679.3 KB)

You have an internal face that needs to be removed.
GIF 6-05-2024 7-42-31 PM

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Thank you! Im struggling to do the instructions. Is there any way you could send me the file? Thank you so much for taking the time to help.

Open the group for editing,
either by double click,
right click and select Edit Group,
or even just press enter.

Once open select all of it and right click and choose Intersect Faces with selection.
This will break the edge where the face isn’t quite cut.

Then get inside, either by using a section plane like I did or just zoom into the interior, and delete the internal face.

Back out of the group and it should show as solid in Entity Info.

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Thank you again. I’m struggling to get into the model in the right place. Any tips?

Orbit to above the model a bit, select the section plane, get the Move tool and move it in toward the center of the lid.

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Use the ‘Grips’ to position the object at the origin. Alt toggles through the various grip options. Working with things centered on the origin gives you an easily found center reference and can avoid strange offsets in exported stl files.

By placing it at the origin you can use the natural axis placement of the Section Plane to slice it through the middle.

Or as Dave mentioned, use the move tool to move the section.
Section planes are much like any other face, they can be moved, rotated, copied, arrayed etc
This is all pretty basic stuff, Have you spent any time learning the fundamentals at the Campus.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

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