Missing layers of object in Cura


i’m newbie in sketchup and i’m trying to design an hexapod’s leg, i created it with sketchup and it seems ok, after i loaded the object in Cura, in “solid view mode” it’s ok but when i switch to “layers view mode” i noticed that there are missing a lot of layers, i don’t understand where am i wrong…
This is what i see in cura using “layers view mode”:

I uploaded the .skp file of hexapod leg
Leg_v2.skp (1.2 MB)


Your model is far away from beeing a solid model (reversed faces, internal geometry,…). For a predictable result in a slicer, it should be clean solid object.

Another sidenote: without a lot of support structure it will be nearly impossible to print the model like you showed it in Cura.

(field of view 120°? That looks very strange…)

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Hi Cotty,

thank you for your answer, yes when i will print it i will use structures, in the image i didn’t put them because i wanted to show only the object, with structures the image could be more confused.
What you mean when you say: reversed faces.
How can i remove internal geometry, them appear automatically when i cover top and bottom face…

Thank you!

I understood what you mean with “reversed faces” :slight_smile:

I don’t know anything about Cura’s “layers view”, so I can’t tell you exactly what goes wrong when you switch to it, but I can tell you about defects in your model that are going to make it problematic for any 3D printer.

SketchUp has a number of rules defining what it means for a model to be a “solid”. Most 3D systems won’t process a SketchUp export correctly unless it follows these rules. The short version is four clauses: The geometry must be a single Group or Component. Every edge must border exactly two faces, no more and no less. There must be no edges or faces that are not part of the surface. All faces must have their front sides oriented outward.

Your model violates all of these rules! It is loose geometry, not a group or component. There are interior faces (visible in Cotty’s section cut) that cause edges to border three faces. There is at least one “stray” edge that doesn’t border any face. There are faces oriented with their back sides outward, aka “reversed” (it’s easier to see them if you edit the style to use a garish color for the back side of the default material).

It can be tricky to remove internal geometry. A section cut such as Cotty showed will let you get at them, and then you can select and delete.

Another approach is to get ThomThom’s solid inspector 2 or TIG’s solid solver and let it find and fix problems. It is not always able to fix everything, but it provides a start.

Finally, your model is dangerously close to SketchUp’s limit for creating small geometry. Some of the edges are quite short. You would be well advised to scale it up by 10, do the cleanups to make it a solid, and then scale it back down when finished.

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Thank you both guys! i have followed your tips and now the object seems very good in cura sw! I reversed faces, deleted internal structures and i did a group.

there is only one internal geometry that i can’t delete, this geometry doesn’t give me problems but do you know why is not possible to delete it ?

Leg_v2.skp (1.2 MB)

Thank you all!!!

I don’t know. It deleted ok for me:

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Oh sorry for my stupid question… i was wrong when i’ve deleting the internal structures, because i removed edges to remove the geometry and not directly the geometry, if i try to delete it how you done, it works!
Thank you lot!!!

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Hi Guys,

I think i have exactly the same issue as XineD is describing above, but i can’t find the source of my issue. Hope someone is willing to point me in the right direction.

I have drawn my future home in SketchUp. It looks fine in Sketchup. Than i export to .stl file. In cura, after slicing it looks fine in solid view. But when i check the Layers view, there are a few layers missing. In X-ray view, the walls are not marked in red.

I’m allowed only one picture, so below the layer view that shows the error;

Also try to upload the .stl file;
2017-10-09_BG Gevels.stl (2.0 MB)

Appreciate any help!

With kind regards,

Upload the SKP file instead, please.

Hi DaveR,
I’m only allowed to upload a 3 MB file. the .skp file is 25 MB. When i compress it, it’s still 13 MB. Any ideas?

First go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and purge unused. Save it and see what the file size is. If it’s small enough, upload it. If not, upload it to the 3D Warehouse and share the link. Or upload to Drop Box and share that link.

Wow, that helped, It shrunk to 700 kb. Nieuw huis gevel losse 1e verd.skp (620.0 KB)

Ow, and maybe some extra info; i scale the model down from 100% to 1% in cura. Don’t know if that effects the slicing.

Well, your model isn’t a solid and according to Solid Inspector 2 there’s a bunch of stuff that needs attention. Once you fix those things, the model will probably work just fine.
Screenshot - 10_15_2017 , 4_13_36 PMScreenshot - 10_15_2017 , 4_13_52 PMScreenshot - 10_15_2017 , 4_14_05 PM

There are also issues with reversed faces that need to be corrected.

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Compare my file to yours. Look at them in X-ray and not the difference in the area of the stairs.That’s where most of the bad geometry is in your file. Also notice after further cleaning, I got the model size down to roughly half of what you posted.
Nieuw huis gevel losse SOLID.skp (311.7 KB)

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Hi DaveR,

Thank you alot for your fast help. I will also search for some more tutorials on this subject. Expect to need this knowledge more often.

With kind regards,


You’re welcome.

You might want to start with simpler models to get the hang of what works and what doesn’t.

By the way, i.materialise would be happy to print my version of your house.

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Think I have some more reading and tutorials to do on solid inspector 2. I saw some youtube tutorials on this subject. Do you additional advice where I can find good tutorials?

Slicing your version of the design went without problems. I will start printing it tomorrow.

Thanks for your advice to let it print by that company. I have build my own 3D printer (Anet A8 from GearBest). That’s quit cheap and gives nice results (good enough for my purpose).

I cannot thank you enough!

It would probably help most to understand what a solid is in terms of your models. In simple terms the group or component will only be solid when the following are met.

1.It is the bottom level group or component. That is, its contain holds nothing but edges and faces. No nested components or groups inside.

Every edge is shared by exactly two faces. No more and no less. This means you can’t have holes (the edges surrounding the hole would only have a single face. And you can’t have internal faces.

Meet those requirements and you should have a good time. I find it’s best to use modeling methods that prevent those things from happening. Save me a lot of time overall.

Also, correct face orientation is critical. The face orientation determines which side the printer media should be on.

I had the same issue of building in sketchup and ending up with blank parts.

I got around it all by exporting the .stl from Sketchup land oading the file into MS Builder (native program in windows 10) let it correct the object, export an .stl from MS Builder and load it into Cura… Abracadabra !! all fixed.

And yes I know an odity, a Microsoft program fixing an issue in a non Microsoft program!!

Na Microsoft is learning and pushing out some good programs.