Random faces hollow when 3d printing

Hey guys, I’m fairly new to 3d modelling/printing. On my current design, random faces show up as empty space in slicers such as Cura. In Sketchup, they look perfectly fine. Can someone help me identify what the issues is, how to spot these and how to repair?

HolsterV2.skp (238.5 KB)

Your model has many reversed faces, some internal faces and a stray edge, all of which will prevent correct 3D printing.

You should have no exposed blue back faces and no internal faces when you are modeling. If you do have them, you need to clean them up.

When it is cleaned up it looks like this.

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I went through and remade your model. See how this one looks when you run it through the slicer.
HolsterV2.skp (131.4 KB)


That’s great, thank you so much. I’ll have to go have a read through what all the different face variables mean.

Thanks again! :grin:

After a redesign, I repaired 90% of the surface issues but one still remains:
The faces on both sides of this are white so should be the outside textures. The square should be 1.5mm thick :

Can anyone explain to me why this is causing the issue and how I should repair the surface?

Here the .skp file. Untitled.skp (226.0 KB)

Internal faces again.

If you look closely at the model in an Xray face style you should be able to see those internal faces. Deleting coplanar edges will remove those internal faces. I’m not sure how you are starting out this model but it seems like you are creating a lot of excess edges in your process.

Note that you haven’t modeled those tabs so that they are part of the rest of the model. You’ve created a group of those tabs but it’s not a solid group so it won’t print correctly either.

I would also suggest that you get in the habit of keeping your model close to the origin.

I think if you streamline your modeling work flow you can avoid a lot of the problems. Take a look at the attached .skp for a workflow idea. At no time in my modeling process did I have any internal faces or anything else to fix. Pay particular attention to what I started with and the next couple of steps.
Untitled (1).skp (305.4 KB)

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