File looks fine but

Hi Sketchup Team

One of my students created this:Ava’s Off the Edge Pencil Holder.stl (35.8 KB)

From her point of view there are no mistakes. However, when I print it on my 3D Printer there several mistakes

How can I help her fix these mistakes when they do not show up on her Sketchup File?


How about sharing the .skp file instead? It’ll make it easier to guide you in correcting the file.

The common reasons that models aren’t printable are reversed faces (blue back faces should be toward the inside of the volume), internal faces, and holes in faces.

Based on the .stl, there are a number of problems with the file.

Here I’ve made the back face color green.

Note that since the text is flat, it won’t print at all.

There are numerous internal faces which can be seen using a section cut.

There’s a gap indicated by the arrow that will cause problems, too.

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Here I’ve reworked Ava’s model to make it a solid. Compare this one to hers in SketchUp and try the .stl file in your slicer. I modeled in inches. Not sure what she used for units.
Avas Pencil Holder.skp (102.9 KB)
Avas Pencil Holder.stl (105.2 KB)

Notice that I recessed the text a bit so it would show up in the print.

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Awesome! Thanks for your help!

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