Only back half of object is printing


I made a model, which looks correct to me, but after exporting it to Print Studio it only prints half of it.
What did I do wrong? Anybody has an idea?

Thank you for any hint!



It could be a couple of different things. How about uploading the SKP file so we can tell you for certain.


Here it is:

HKV Abdeckung 1.skp (1.2 MB)

Thank you, for your quick response.
When I check the layers in Print Studio, it shows what it prints (not what it should print).



I expect the primary issue is the reversed faces shown in blue here.

If you make a group or component of the geometry and run Solid Inspector 2 (from the Extension Warehouse), you’ll see there are also internal faces preventing it from being a solid and properly 3D printable.

Although it is tempting to apply materials and textures to your models, those materials tend to mask reversed faces. For 3D printing, you need the faces to be properly oriented.

After fixing the problems the model looks like this:

HKV Abdeckung 1.skp (61.1 KB)
I also use Purge Unused from window>Model Info>Statistics to get rid of the unneeded entities within the file which reduced it to something more reasonable for the simplicity of the model.


Thank you for your help.
I installed the Software yesterday and it was my first design.
I used the textures, to find out, if I can see any missing face.

Thank you for your help!
I will instantly install Solid Inspector 2 and expect in the future much more reasonable file sizes too.

Best regards from Austria!


Good start. Keep working at it and you’ll get it.


Just to confirm that it now printed as it should:

I used your modified file, but did the steps you suggested on my original file and got the same result.
Again, thanks for your help! It saved me hours… Qualified help is always good, but at the right time is simply perfect!

Have a great weekend!


Very good, sir. I’m happy to have helped and I’m glad you reported back, too.

Out of curiosity, what does it do?


Well, it is cold here… A few days ago we had -23°C (or -9°F).
I needed to get some hot air from the radiator directed to my feet.

Weeks ago I started this project in wood.
But then I could not resist to buy a Dremel printer…

Now I continued with a part, printed, with your help…
And it works… My feet stay warm now…



Wow! Cool! I mean that’s hot. :smiley:

Excellent work.