Problems with Faces and export

I have two problems with my scooter model. first, parts of some faces are backwards and when i reverse them the whole face flips so that other parts are reversed! Second, when i download an STL it gets broken up into parts - the image is from a slicer but i get the same thing with a 3d viewer.

I feel like i’m close but i would appreciate some help.

bsavesplit.skp (2.7 MB)

In the View turn on Hidden Geometry. Then you can correct the incorrectly oriented faces.

Your model is made up of a bunch of different groups many of which are not solid. For example …

And then there is loose geometry in the parent group.
Screenshot - 6_28_2023 , 11_19_36 AM

Looks to me as if you’ve got quite a lot of work to get this thing to be solid and thus 3D printable.

Your profile says you are using the free web version. If that’s correct you’ll have to go through the parts one at a time and clean them up.

Thanks a lot - Maybe I have to re-do the leg shield part and be more careful about orientation of faces. what about the way the STL gets broken up?

It looks like you merged loose geometry and then moved it which shredded the mesh.

There are missing faces.

The components also may be at different scales/sizes?

There’s also shredded mesh on the ‘under-carriage’.

Try being careful not to merge loose geometry… that may help prevent reversed faces.