Problem With Solid Object

I have a part I designed that I’m trying to 3D print. However, it showing up in Simplify 3D and TinkerCad warped. I’ve tried removing any extra faces and running cleanup. I’ve attached the file. Any thoughts?

Thanksmercedes_partv3_repair.skp|attachment (61.5 KB)

No. You haven’t. It’s you clicked Reply too early.

Weird. It said attached. Try this.mercedes_partv3_repair.skp (61.5 KB)

You have the bottom face reversed. It should be white like the other faces. Right click on the bottom face and choose Reverse Faces. Then export the .stl and see how you go.

Thanks! I’ll let you know. Hope it’s that easy.

Well, i.Materialise thinks it’s fine after fixing it.

Worked like a charm!! Thanks so much!