Corrupt file when converting to STL


Sure this has been discussed, but can’t find it.
When drawing in Sketchup, converting to STL and loading file on Curo (Ultimaker 2) everything looks good and correct. However, when printing the bottom hole doesn’t appear. Everything else is perfect. I’ve done multiple extrusions and redrawing of file.


It is impossible to diagnose from a screenshot - on my screen it looks like the bottom hole is not there and that you have just a simple continuous surface there. Can you post the SketchUp file?



Does your form report as ‘Solid’ in the top-bar of Entity Info ?
If not, then the STL exporter may well break…
It’s difficult to judge from the Image.
As @Anssi says, at first sight the hole looks to be missing ???
Can you upload the SKP ?
Help us to help you - otherwise it’s guesswork.


Are your faces (the faces of the model) correctly aligned (fronts outwards)?


Thanks guys. I hope this comes through. Attach the file.
I had similar issues in the beginning and thought I resolved it. But alas

Camera_Bush_Bolt2.skp (1.2 MB)


It looks OK to me, except that there are reversed faces in the inside hole and the hexagonal area. Right-clicking on tthe outside and selecting “Orient faces” fixes that. It reports “Solid” when grouped.



The faces aren’t aligned correct…


Right click on one of the white faces and select orient faces. Then export it. and you get this…


Hi Box
I tried that and still same issue.
Thanks for help everyone. I’m going to try something out of the box. Will update if it works.
To be honest - not 100% sure I understand all the advise. Still new to Sketchup and drawing programs. I’m bastardising as I progress :smile:


SU and the printer software need to know which is the inside and the outside of an object.
The white face is the outside and the blue is the inside, or as they’re more commonly referred to, White is the front face and blue is the back face.
So by orientating the faces so you only see white the object becomes recognisable to the printer software.
I have the exact software and printer as you, so if you can make all the visible faces white it should work.


thanks bud!
I found the issue. I redrew the thing and now it works. Think I confused it when I imported shapes, and extruded up and down etc.
Will keep you advise as I always wondered about the colour usage. Awesome!
Thanks again. I might connect with you off line for further advise if you don’t mind? Don’t have a lot of sound boards here in South Africa :smile:


Interesting report differences

  1. click OP model and open w/o saving to disk, Su reports vol. of 8651.1… mm^3;
  2. Export model to stl using mm and ASCII; open in Netfabb, it shows internal reverse faces (red) but still reports closed surface and surface orientable, vol reported as 10.2334cm^3;
    2a) Reapired using Netfabb tools ( free version) , reverse internal faces corrected, replaced old model with corrected one, surface still report closed and orientable, vol = 8.6511 cm^3
  3. OP model downloaded and saved to disk, open with SU and does not report vol.


Well. After struggling for aCamera_Bush_Bolt3.skp (1.2 MB) bout 4hours, I redrew it in 5minutes and resolved everything.
Thanks for all the trouble shooting Mac7595!