SketchUp export looking different in other software?

Hey there, I’m making something and whenever I export it into another 3D modelling software, it turns out weird. Here are the screenshot in tinkerCAD


the bottom parts are supposed to be filled and it is meant to be a full piece

is this a problem with my design? or something to do with conversion?

The issue seems to prevent the 3D printing company from printing the piece, how do I remedy this?

All this was also made from the push/pull tool, so I’m at a loss on why it would not be a full piece

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Have you checked face orientation before exporting ? Switch your face style to monochrome and reverse any blue face you see
Also, in 3d printing matter, your model should be a solid. While selected, see in the entity info panel if it is reported as a solid

If you attach your model we can check it for you to give you a fuller answer.

You’re right!

Bottom Piece (pt 2).stl (10.2 KB)

This is the part in question, this problem is my whole project is plagued by this issue

Try this.
Bottom Piece Box.stl (7.7 KB)

Actually the question is what are you expecting to see? The stl you attached and I modified may not be what you want or be the problem. You should attach the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

Sorry for the late reply!

I’ve been really busy at school lately and this project has been on the backburner

Bottom Piece (pt 2).skp (229.3 KB)

Thanks so much for the help Box, I really appreciate the time you took to help me with this!

Your latest model has a bunch of internal faces which will prevent it from being printable until you clean it up. It shows evidence that you laid out all of the features in 2D before making it 3D.

I think you would find things a whole lot easier if you start thinking in 3D as soon as possible. Wait to outline the features until you get to them. Imagine how the printer would print this thing if you have it in the same orientation.

Also keep your models closer to the origin. That helps prevent some weird graphics issues.

Here’s a quick example of modeling your component.

Draw the outline of the bottom face.
Extrude to thickness of the lower part. Then outline the relief on the inside.
Extrude to the height of the bottom of the groove. Outline the sides of the groove.
Pull the faces up to leave the groove and create a component (or group). Immediately, without any clean up required, the thing is solid and ready for the .stl export and 3D printing.

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An alternative that would work in your model is to extrude the thing to the full height before drawing in the details on the top and then pushing the appropriate faces down.

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OMG, Thank you so much DaveR!
From your replies, I realised that I’ve been going about the 3D modelling aspect of this project completely wrong.
I’ll redo it (for the 3rd time omg) again once I have time.

Again, I want to thank you for all your help!

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Glad that helped. I expect your third try will go much faster than the first several. :wink: