Issue when getting solid

Hello there! I´m trying to use Sketchup for modeling solid objects for 3D printing, but I´m having some weird issues when I download .stl from Sketchup Free (online) and upload it to Tinkercad, like shown in the following image. The result in stl is completely different from what I modeled on Sketchup :frowning:

The same kind of issues happen when I move the file to Simplify (slicer).

Attached: stl file and skp file of the model.

Could anyone PLEASE help me?

Thanks in advance, good peopleSwanky Wluff (5).stl|attachment (60.2 KB) umbtre.skp (1.5 MB)

The main problem is all the reversed faces which are shown in blue.

The faces should be oriented with the white front faces out.

The back faces show where the printing media should be and the white faces look toward air.

You can avoid the reversed faces if you first draw the bottom of the box and extrude it to give it thickness before you draw the lines for the inside edges of the sides and the internal details. This will also prevent some of the other bad geometry you have as shown next.

There’s also a bit of bad geometry shown below.

And there’s a tiny little edge segment where the red circle is.

The lid has even more issues.

Once the bad geometry is cleaned up, it should look more like this:

By the way, when you are drawing circles, it’s a good idea to drag out the the radii on axes so vertices line up. Note how the vertices on your curved vertical supports don’t line up.

I redrew the box making sure the vertices do line up. I also increased the number of sides for the initial circle to 48 to make it more rounded.

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Awesome reply, dude! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You saved a lot of time!

By the way: How did you make the model translucid/transparent? Did you use the bucket tool with transparent color on it, or you used another technique?

I also don´t get the vertices alignment trick… What did you do to align? Sorry for those dumb question… I´ve started on Sketchup 1 week ago.

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The transparency is x-ray mode, but you could use a transparent material as you suggest.

Aligning the vertices is just a matter of being careful when you draw them. If you pull out your circles on axis they will line up.
Here I have used a hexagon to make it more obvious.

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You’re quite welcome.

Box should have you sorted, right?