Noob trying to 3D print drawing

New to 3D drawing and SketchUp looks like a good place to start. I have spent hours experimenting, and watching how-to vids, and now have jumped in with both feet. What I thought would be a simple project for a 3D printer turns out to not be “water tight.” How do you go about “proofing” a drawing prior to exporting to .stl file?
Again, a noob question that’s probably elementary to most users, but elusive to me. Thanks in advance for the helpBumpers.skp|attachment (62.5 KB)

Your attachment didn’t work.

Hmmmm, I’ll try again.

Bumpers~.skp (49.3 KB)

Got it.

First problem is that most of the faces (except the one on the bottom) are reversed. All faces should be white front side out.

The next thing I see is some bad geometry in the rounding of the corners because you didn’t draw the arcs so they would be tangenct to the straight edges.

You could run Solid Inspector 2 to help you identify the problems.

After it fixes everything, you should have a solid that could be printed although it won’t correctly fix the corners.


Erase the bad geometry at all four bottom corners.
Then orient faces properly, white (front) side out.
Notice Entity Info then says it’s a Solid … watertight.

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OK, I’ll look into that. Not really certain how that happened…? Wasn’t thru any plan.
Thinking I’ll redraw the whole thing…really not a huge deal, and frankly, I could use the seat time.
One thing on the arcs to round the edges… I just did what seemed logical as there isn’t a readily available radius or chamfer tool. How would you go about accomplishing this? I come from a machine world back ground, and while the Woodworking category seems to suit this project, I feel I’m still a little out of my element. I’m sure I’ll become more familiar and comfortable with more laps.
Thank you both for the help. I’ll post up my results of v2.

I expect you drew the entire plan view including the recess and the notch in 2D and then extruded. It would be better to draw the external shape and extrude it to the height of the interior bottom. Then draw the outline for the taller area and extrude it upward.

The Arc tool works just fine for radiusing the corners but you have to use some care to get the arcs tangent to the edges. There are inference indications for this.

I sent you a PM.

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