Really puzzled with odd slicing or odd solid?

Looks like I’m still at the Newbie stage. Started back in Oct 2018

The part of a 3D print which I reconfigured a few times in order to print it.
All printed fine until I added that bulge on the backside. Now it will print to the lower edge of that bulge, stop there then move up to the higher edge of the bulge and resume printing (in the air).
OK I checked it with Solid Inspector and it kept showing internal edges fault (which it can’t fix) so the back to the “drawing board”, designated the part as a component and the Solid Inspector could fix that

If you’re looking for assistance upload the SKP file so we can see it. Otherwise we’re just guessing at the problem.

TrackScale012LowerBodyD.skp (71.5 KB)

Couldnt figure out how to do that. :blush:

You should be able to fix the internal faces. Hide the face on the opposite side so you can see it.

Also figure out what you need to do with that cylinder on the right. Is it supposed to be a hole? If so, remove the skin over it on the outside. If you don’t need it, get rid of the whole thing.

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Thanks Dave,

I’ll try that.
Now I just need to figure out how to upload the SKPs and JPEGs. OK got it. :blush:

Looks like you’ve got that sorted out.

Please complete your profile with SketchUp version, license type, operating system, and graphics card those bits of information can help us help you.

Just updated the profile.
Thanks again!


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