Rectangle Won't Fill

Hi guys! I can’t figure this one out. See the video. I’ve had this happen multiple times. I can draw the rectangle elsewhere and then move it into place and it works fine. Thanks!

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got going on. Very likely the corners of the rectangle don’t lie on the same plane.

Here you go. I thought for a rectangle to “complete” it had to lie on the same plane.Rectangle Test.skp (3.3 MB)

In order for a face to form all four corners need to lie on the same plane.

In your case they do but you have combined that rectangle with a bunch of other ungrouped geometry which is really the problem here.

Here’s a copy of that ungrouped geometry pulled away from the rest of the model.

You’ve got places where the are overruns and forks in the edges so faces won’t form.

Ok, I thought it might have something to do with groups/components. I’m still learning how to use them and the more I learn the messier I see my models are. :sweat_smile: Thanks!


Keep learning. It’s a hobby, right? You’ll keep growing it.

You might want to spend some time going through the tutorials at

I’ve been using it since 2010 but just as a hobby for simple projects, I’ve just recently started using it for my business. I am reading through Sketchup to Layout but I’ll check out those tutorials as well.

Time to upgrade to SketchUp Pro then. Can’t use SketchUp Make for your business.

The SketchUp to LayOut stuff is good, too. More basics in the tutorials at the link.

Yep, I need Layout anyway.


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