When i draw rectangle on the face it dont make seperated face to make open in it


Typically that occurs because the smaller rectangle, or at least a corner of it, is not actually on the face. Can you upload the SKP file so we can examine it?

Also use a Style where the profile-edges are heavier that others.
Then you can see if they intersect etc…

i improt it from dwg first
then i create aface
and i draw rectangle on aface to make open
some rectangle are make seperated faces and others dnt make
i dnt know why, i use sketchup pro 2013
تضامن.skp (125.9 KB)

Well, nothing is on axis on that wall. If they were, the Y values would all be the same.

I think your DWG file is bad. For as simple as this model is, you would likely have better luck if you draw it from the beginning in SketchUp.

As TIG mentioned, if you set your Profile edges so they are heavier, or turn them on, the Rectangles that are not dividing the large surface will show.
Screenshot - 9_15_2017 , 2_20_18 PM

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