How do I make a face from my drawing?

I’m trying to make my 2D drawing a plane, because somehow in my editing I lost the actual plane I started with. Then I’d like to take the custom shape and pull it out into 3D.

Is there an easy way? I also tried to draw a rectangle plane around the drawing, and then select inside the circles or areas I wanted to delete, but it selects the whole rectangle.

Any help would be appreciated!’

How about uploading the SKP file as you’ve got it so we can see what needs to happen next? Otherwise we’re only guessing.

Here it is.

Control Panel.skp (241.6 KB)

There are some bad spots in the perimeter edge. Places where there are extra edges and some small gaps that need to be closed up. There appear to be four of them. One they are cleaned up, tracing an edge with the Line tool will result in a face.
Control Panel.skp (195.7 KB)

Is there an easy way to identify/fix that?

I started by running TIG Weld (from Sketchucation) on the edges and looking for where the welding stopped. Then I zoomed in on the end of the welded section to see what caused the issue. Forks in edges and gaps are the usual problems.

By the way, another common reason for failure to create a face is some edges being drawn off plane. Your model didn’t have that problem, fortunately.

A good workflow would be to draw a large rectangle and then draw the outline of the panel on it. When you complete the loop of edges correctly they will switch from heavy profile edges to the normal thin edges.

ThomThom’s “edge tools” does a good job of identifying any gaps (if there are any - maybe you (or Dave) fixed your model as it didn’t show any gaps when running that tool) and has a way to auto fix them under the right circumstances. His “selection Toys” can also be a good way to select a loop/border too, after which it can be “welded”.
There’s also a “make face” plugin that also does a good job of …well, making faces when they have lost their integrity.

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