How to make 2D outline into a face, and then extrude?

I seem to be missing a step since I’ve had this problem before. Right now I have a polygon a drew with all lines, and I want it to create a face on a flat plane, which I can then extrude.

Before my issue was that the line had gaps in them, so I downloaded the edge tools and had it check for gaps, but there is none.

What am I not doing?

Make3D.skp (75.1 KB)

I don’t know what you were doing that you didn’t end up with a face when you were drawing the outline in the first place but if you open the group for editing and then trace along one of the edges, you should get a face that you can then extrude.


Why have you started another thread!?
As Dave says, open for edit and trace one edge.
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Same situation here… I’m trying to do that exact thing. I actually fixed a gap that I found with Edge Tools^2 this time.

However, I open it and trace a line, and nothing.

Total Cabinet Combined.skp (2.1 MB)

Two problems. First, you’ve got those edges grouped four deep. There’s no need for that and unless you open all of those group containers for editing, tracing an edge won’t help.

Apparently you tried to trace an edge at least once without opening even the top level group.

The other thing that will prevent a face from forming is that your edges are not coplanar. Here I’ve exploded all four of the group containers. All of the Y values should be the same but they aren’t.

To create a face all edges must lie on the same plane.

So I guess… how do I do make them all coplaner without messing up my design and all the curves I already drew? I can’t rightly trace them since they aren’t straight lines.

Since it appears you are working in the webbased version, you don’t have a whole lot of options other than to redraw it. In SketchUp Pro or Make you could use the Projection extension from sketchucation to project the edges you have to a flat face.

In general, if you need to draw a complex shape like this, the best thing to do is start with a large rectangle so you can keep all the edges on plane from the git go.

I’m using Sketchup Make 2017.

All I’m trying to do is move that 3/4" wide object fully down from the red circle to where it’s pointing. OR, if I can just pull the face off the object so I can edit it that way, that would work as well.

Total Cabinet Combined.skp (2.1 MB)

A couple of things, why are you using a web based template, that is very confusing and leads to us giving you incorrect answers.
Learn to use Purge, your model is full of stuff you have deleted but not got rid of. Window/Model Info/Statistics Purge Unused button.
Get control of your nesting.
Look here, your side panel is 5 levels deep for no reason.
I don’t understand what you want to do from your description and red marks. But at the right depth of nesting you can just move the panel. Or edit ir.

So I guess I need to learn more about groups, nesting, and purging. Can you recommend some good learning materials? Preferably videos.

You were able to move the object down to th location, but if you notice in the gif (and this isn’t my fault since I didn’t specify) it also no longer has the control panel sitting flush on the “arms.”

Here is one way.
Explode the group until it is a single group, then open the group for editing and use an arc to trim off the part you want to remove.

When you deleted it after making the new curve, did it stay filled in, or did the object become hollow?

I didn’t delete it, I used Push/Pull to remove it, so yes it remained filled in.

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