Unable to create a face for 2D object

Hello, I’m still a beginner at Sketchup and I’m trying to fill in this shape on the bottom left but no matter what i do nothing happens. I’m planning to use the push/pull tool on the face created to build an arc-like structure.


All help is appreciated, this is driving me nuts :')

Most likely the edges don’t lie on the same plane. Upload the SKP file so we can see exactly what you’ve got.

Push/Pull won’t be the right tool for the job. Follow Me would be, though.

pkmn ctr.skp (279.5 KB)

sorry for the mess!

It can help to start with a surface that you know is plane and draw your shape on that (just as you would if you were cutting a shape out of a sheet of plywood). It makes sure what you draw is on plane and the you can just trim away what you don’t need. Best to start with, say, a rectangle a bit bigger than your shape.

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As I suggested, the edges don’t lie in the same plane. The Y values should all be the same in this view. Clearly they aren’t.

As Simon indicated, it is easiest to draw the shape on a large rectangle to know you’ve got all the edges on plane.

also, when you are drawing circles, make it a habit to drag out the radius on axis. In your model it appears you’re dragging the radius out in random directions each time. That makes your model much more difficult to work with than it needs to be. If you tried to get that profile out of your exisitng shape, your random drawing of the circles would contribute to the problem you have.

Ahhhh, I see! I didn’t even notice they weren’t on the same plane lmao…

Thanks so much for all your help, I managed to fix it! This is literally my first time touching Sketchup, I have no idea what I’m doing hahaha. Noted on dragging the radius on the axis, I didn’t know it would make a difference!

It wouldn’t matter if Sketchup would draw true circles, but it doesn’t.
Every circle and arc is made up of segments witch are straight lines.
you want an endpoint of a segment on axis or sometimes the midpoint of a segment.
This makes things later on much easyer!
Btw, you can change the number of segments.
Default for circles is 24, for arcs 12…

Happy drawing.

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