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Hi! I’m currently using SketchUp free for the first time as a university project and am having some issue with the push/pull tool. Using the line and 2-point arc tools I’ve drawn a symbol however it doesn’t register the face when I hover over it. How do I go about fixing this? Thanks heaps

In order to get a face, all the edges must lie on the same plane. Exactly how to fix what you’ve already drawn is difficult to say without seeing the SKP file. Perhaps you could share it?

One way to make sure all edges are on the same plane is to draw a large rectangle and then draw the shape you’re after. Erase the edges of the rectangle and the face you’re interested in keeping will remain.

I’d be happy to share the file. I’m new to this so how would I go about doing that?

First download it to your computer. Then hit the Upload button, 7th from the left in the row of buttons above the message space and upload it.

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superheroes.skp (343.3 KB)

The S on the left had the faces hidden. Unhiding them took care of that. The one on the right is a component so to make any modifications to it, you need to right click and choose Edit Component or double click on it with the Select tool.

Tracing a few edges will bring the faces back and intersect the edges.

There are a few places where there are gaps in the loops that need closing. Look closely at all the corners. The cursor is point to a couple of the gaps.

Thank you so much. How would go about doing that?

Doing what? Closing the gaps? You can draw additional edges to close the loops or it might make sense to erase one edge and draw a new one to replace it making sure both ends meet the other edges. With practice you’ll find it’s actually difficult to draw lines and leave gaps.

I’m having a bit of trouble with that. I’ve managed to close the edges on one shape but I cant locate gaps on any others

The other gaps I found were on the inner loop just below the middle of the S. Look closely along the bottom edge of that loop. Zoom in very close.

create all the faces that will form…then search for broken edges on the ones that won’t

Finally managed to close all the edges after a lot of searching. Is there a way to extrude particular faces the same distance?

After you extrude the first one, double click on the others.

Or use SketchUp’s inferencing to extrude subsequent faces up to the same depth as an earlier extrusion by clicking on the new face to extrude, then hovering the mouse over the existing face (which is already at the desired depth), then clicking a second time. Or specify a numeric value for the extrusion depth: click once to start extruding a face; move the mouse to get the extrusion started up or down as desired (a random distance; doesn’t matter exactly), then type a distance value such as 1.3" or 5cm and press Enter.

You might need to use such techniques if you cause SketchUp to forget the prior depth setting such that the double-click method doesn’t work. I sometimes run into this if my attempt at a double-click is sloppy and SketchUp registers a movement of the mouse pointer between the two clicks.

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