Can’t push/pull shape in Sketchup

I imported an elevation into Sketchup and I’m trying to push and pull the components individually but it’s not working. When I select the rectangular shape it highlights only certain sections. How do I fix this?
I’ve tried everything!

It would help if you attach your model so we can actually tell you what you have to work with.

SketchupModel.skp (7.5 MB)

I’ve had a look with ThomThom’s edge tools 2 at one eleveation and there are over 2200 edges which aren’t joined and have gaps in them : so faces won’t be created in the right places in all situations

closing some of those gaps with that plugin or something similar will certainly alleviate some of these problems

I just did the same thing. A ton of overlaps.

I typically never work with directly imported CAD line work as Sketchup demands exact intersections. I’d use these elevations as a guide to model the pieces out individually. Starting from big, basic rectangles then adding detail.

I did edge tools with the default tolerance
then ran Eneroth Face Creator

That has caught a chunk of them, but you may need to rerun that to close up the other 500

A clue from model info → statistics: there are 169,165 edges and only 33 faces in the model! That alone is proof that there are lots of edges that don’t close faces, most likely due to gaps. What was the file type you imorted? If it was PDF, my experience is that some sources of PDF are very sloppy with this sort of thing, relying on “if it looks good it must be ok” on the part of the original artist. Here is a sample screen shot showing just a few of the problems that suggest sloppiness in the source drawing:

Thank you for highlighting that, I didn’t even realise as it’s a general document sent from my uni. Do you know if there is an easy way to clean up the edges and mistakes or if I’d have to go through them myself?

The extension I was using there was one called Edge Tools2
Edge Tools² | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

It’s pretty easy to use : Click the icon with the magnifying glass to highlight and gaps : you can click on an individual highlighted spot to have it close the gap, OR you can choose the next icon along to close all gaps.

It will take a long time to do all 4 elevations : it took around 15 minutes for my laptop to process a file with just the one elevation.

Then I used eneroth face creator to automatically create any available faces : this might be a better option than drawing a rectangle around it : this will give you more clues as to where the issues actually are :slight_smile:
[Eneroth Face Creator | SketchUp Extension Warehouse]