Push/Pull Won't Hollow Out An Area

I’m learning how to use Sketchup Pro and I’m very confused why I have a surface in a relatively simple model which won’t allow me to “hollow” it out with the push/pull tool. Nothing in my model is a component or group, which appears to be one common cause of this behavior. I’m also confused because I can easily hollow out a section right next to the one which is causing the problem. When I look on the opposite side of the face I’m trying to hollow I see the a circle coming through but not creating a hole, which, from reading other posts seems to happen when things are not “parallel” or lined up to the face?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m sure I’m doing something really stupid.

Shade Bracket~.skp (232.9 KB)

Move your model to origin point (near 0,0,0)

Indeed, the Faces are not parallel.
Erase the errant geometry and redraw.

In SketchUp, go to … Model Info > Units
You’ll benefit from working in decimal units vs architectural.
Turn of Length Snapping as well.

Whoa, did moving the model to the origin fix the parallel face issue? Why would that be? I can’t believe I didn’t think to measure the distances. That would have easily confirmed if that was the issue. I must have used the line tool. I guess using the rectangle tool is safer because it always creates parallel lines?

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