Push and Pull not working

I’ve imported an AutoCad file into SketchUp Pro and I’m trying to select it and use the push and pull to flatten the drawing but it’s not working. Any ides where I’m going wrong?


Most likely there’s no faces for Push/Pull to act on. CAD files normally don’t come into SketchUp with faces. If you want to flatten it, you need to do something else. One option is to use Drape from the Sandbox tools to drape the edges on to a large rectangle. Or there are some extensions available to flatten the geometry.

Thanks, I’ve tried both of these things but neither is working! any other suggestions?

This extension can make faces where possible:

Note that your import is in a group, you will need to go into the group to get to faces that can push pull.

Technically the imported CAD file will be a component, not a group but are you opening it for editing before trying to do anything with the geometry?

If you share the .skp file it’ll be easier to help you get things sorted. As it is, we can’t do more than guess at solutions for your problem.

Thanks for the distinction about it being a component.

MasterRev1.skp (329.3 KB) This is it! It’s sending me slightly mad fiddling with this and getting no where!

I believe we already had a conversation about that and I sent you the proper import !

There are very few faces for Push/Pull to be used on so Push/Pull is the wrong tool for the job. As you can see, the geometry is enclosed in a component container so in order to make any changes to it, you need to open the component for editing.

Open the component for editing and select all of the geometry. Then use the Scale tool to scale down the height. That’ll get you closer.

Then use Drape or the extension Colin linked to.

I already explained how to fix your autocad file there Help Importing DWG into SketchUP
and also attached the SKP file with it. If you’re too lazy to follow our advices, at least download it !


I had to change some of the drawing in Autocad and I’m doing an online sketchup course and the tutor said to use push and pull and it wasn’t working so I thought this was a different issue. Thanks

Brilliant! Thank you! It worked!!

while in top view, inside autocad, select all and type flatten, validate with enter.
then import again in sketchup. Once in sketchup, follow @DaveR 's tips.

your plan has not changed much. you gave a very few modifications that you could do inside sketchup

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thanks, I need revisions in Autocad first as I need to provide construction drawings and then I’m using sketchup for the client, to help them visualise the garden. Thanks for all your help! Hopefully I’m there now!

if you keep on drawing over a messed up file in autocad, it’s only going to make it worse. every time you will draw new things snaping on what’s been drawn before, because you’re in top view it will look fine to you, but it will be messy when you import it in sketchup, unless you flatten everything.
pull the problem out by the roots !

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That makes sense, thanks! I have a lot to learn!

I’m trying to flatten my DWG drawing using Flatten command but it doesn’t work. Is this dependants on the Autocad version you have?

Actually, yes. If you have an LT version, it won’t have the flatten command

Thanks. Annoyingly I do have the LT version!

:confused: you can still do it manually, through the properties panel but it would be longer… they roughly explain how with a video there

basically, set the view to front or side to see what lines have wrong elevation (z). select them, type prop (for properties) and in the properties panel, set the z value to 0. But it can be tricky, as if among the selected elements you have blocks, it won’t work !